Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recovery time

What a wonderful place to recuperate, recharge and heal.

I realized that it doesn't quite feel like our own yet or like home. The setting is beautiful and relaxing but the house is not quite right yet. We met with a painter to discuss new paint for the inside and refinishing the outside redwood siding. New paint and carpeting, plus some more personal items will make a difference.

Meanwhile I am walking without a cane only 2 weeks after hip replacement surgery.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wonderful weekend away

We had a fabulous weekend, very relaxing and I was able to forget about the upcoming surgery this Wednesday.

I have never seen so many mushrooms of various types and sizes. There are new trails on the property and I suspect the local mushroom hunters have been helping them selves to the bounty. We didn't actually see anyone while we were there. Steve purchased a few "Private Property" signs but we didn't have time to post them. There is probably not much we can do until we put up a fence.

Without a fence I worry that Casey is wandering too far afield. She is facinated with all the scents and definitely wants to explore. On Sunday she took her own sweet time when we called her, hot on the trail of something. A fence is expensive but may be necessary sooner rather than later, especially with two dogs. Eventually I will need a deer fence anyway for the garden but we had hoped to save our money until next year.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anxious to be in the woods

It has been 3 weeks since our last visit, a week longer than intended. I wonder if the critters (including the slugs) have left the new plantings alone.

This weekend I really need the quiet and solitude. I am scheduled for hip replacement surgery on my right side next Wednesday. Although I have been assured that it is a common procedure with few side effects, am in good health (still fairly fit), and have an experienced Dr. and hospital; I am still feeling anxious and fragile. Last night I had an awful nightmare so I know that there is a lot going on under the surface. I think I will feel better at the house in Ft. Bragg. The sound of the wind in the trees will calm me. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough that we can take Casey for a walk on the beach and I can limp along. This last week has convinced me of the magical properties of Aleve. Tylenol just does not do it, but is all I can take 7 days prior to surgery.

Our plan is to come back up for the Fri/Sat/Sun of Thanksgiving weekend. This weekend I want to get the house more comfortable for that stay, I don't know how if will feel that soon after surgery. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile I don't think we can pack another item into the car. I'll post pictures as the house develops some "style".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Both the meadow and forest clearings were full of the most amazing toadstools! These were near the edge of the back meadow, definitely big enough to protect fairy tale creatures from the rain.
It's difficult to judge size from the picture, but I would estimate 12 inches high and as wide.

First weekend in the house

The car was packed solid and Casey had to sit on my lap the whole way to Ft. Bragg. Three hours with a 50 lb dog keeping me cozy! But we now have the basics...2 comfy chairs, 2 bar stools, a dining room table and bench, plus odds and ends of cooking utensils. We purchased a bed in Ft. Bragg. IKEA, our garage and thrift stores will do for most things but we need a good bed. Check out Flo Bed in Ft. Bragg, heaven!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I rarely read manuals

I rarely read manuals, I would rather learn by jumping in with both feet and just doing. So, this blog will be a work in progress. You are a companion on my journey. Gardening is the same way for me. I put my hands in the dirt and learn from my mistakes. It is much more interesting to research what went wrong, and wondrous to experience what goes right. Additionally, I have been able to accomplish things that the experts said shouldn't work...all because I didn't know not to try it.

Ft. Bragg will be no different. I will garden, and exactly what form it will take will be discovered along the road.

This weekend is our first in the house, I can't wait! Stay tuned for pictures and the story.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The beginning...

My husband and I have been talking about a second home for a decade. After endless conversations about where, must-haves, want-to-haves, dream-haves and even do-we-really-want-this-at-all things moved at breathtaking speed and we did it. We are now proud owners of a second home in Ft. Bragg, CA.

Our list was personal and included elements important to each of us:
Close to the ocean
Lots of hiking trails and open space
Mix of sun and shade
Land to garden
Community with volunteer opportunities
Good grocery store
Good restaurants
House in good condition
Not too far from the SF bay area

We are both still working and will keep our home in the East Bay, but see this as a possible retirement home. This blog will be a diary of our adventure.

What sold us was the meadow. The house sits in the middle of a very large meadow with lots of sun. It is surrounded by trees and has a creek on the property. Although the meadow is full of pocket gophers (there will be more stories later on those), I am optimistic that we will prevail eventually. Meanwhile I will leave well enough alone and install a barn owl box.

A meadow is symbolic, a clearing and opening. When we first saw the property, we had a connection which was special. As we start a new phase of our life together (my husband will retire next year), this seems appropriate.